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If you don’t think safety is important, then  just ask anyone who has received a damaged load or had the unfortunate experience of an non-deliverable load due to an accident or theft, all of which directly or indirectly are the results of compromised- safety as well as an environmental spill unto highways or roadside properties, streams, or communities.  These are all directly/indirectly related to safety!

We thought long and hard about our name and Safety had to come first for all concerned. 

We are great because of who, what, and why we serve and our motto is: Let's get it done!

We are a premiere entry into the freight broker and logistics industry; however, Safety-Plus is not new to training brokers and we are a wholly subsidized entity from a longstanding nonprofit group of dedicated, professional and experienced service delivery/provisional people, that has been around  for quite a while.  Safety Plus is also formulated and built on a strong platform of manageability and sustainability while all the while being careful to maintain quality and integrity in our service provision.  

Our chief broker taught freight brokering for quite a while and is a bonded broker.  We utilize a solid factoring company to make sure our carriers are paid on time, and promptly for their services, and we never take more than fair market load rate on any loads we broker.  We also don't charge extra to our drivers for quick pays. When you operate fairly, professionally and efficiently with regard for each other that is what makes you great because of who, what and why we serve


To give our customers the assurances that they have a right to expect regarding the  quality of our services.  We want to give our shippers good  solid reasons to keep coming back to us for their shipping and logistical needs, as we are focused upon increasingly-proficient performance so that we  ensure their products are delivered  intact and safely from “ the point of pickup” to the “point of delivery”……..promise! and we promise to be fair and forthright with our carriers as well.


To not only deliver on agreed-upon-services, but ultimately our vision is to become an industry- model of freight management/logistics-excellence.


We value being accountable and reliable, based upon the attitude that is essential to co-respect  all parties and that only comes when we value our shippers-goods/products as though they are/were our own, and handle them accordingly, while making sure our drivers are well supported and represented in getting then fair rates and fuel charges where applicable. 

Safety Plus 

Key Reasons to Choose Us! 

  1.  The diversity and scope of our load services/logistics 
  2. Because of the care we take to vet all our shippers/carriers
  3.  We make sure that our agents/dispatchers are specialists in our customer's specific load and logistic needs and that our drivers have the proper endorsements and Homeland Security clearances such as TWIC-Cards to handle intermodal transporting (airports, railyards, shipyards) and that their vehicles are equipped to handle specialized loads such as heavy equipment/loads, or refrigeration type loads. 
  4.  Access daily, to 1,000's of carriers 
  5. We utilize the major load boards (TruckStop/DAT) to coordinate with available and experienced carriers and post our loads when not using our own house- list of carriers, when needed.
  6. We track our carriers' entire routes for their safety and to ensure that shippers load get to the correct delivery point, safely and on time and we have the capability for the shippers to see where their loads are throughout the pickup and delivery process as well.
  7. We utilize Ascend TMS-services, which is one of the top logistical/support- services providers in the transportation industry that thousands of shippers and carriers also utilize, so we are all talking the same language.
  8. We provide “due diligence” regarding our shippers to determine what they are actually needing from us and focus on what we can do to meet and meet their needs. In essence we seek to know what they produce, how we can get them coordinated- logistics, to facilitate both our shippers and our carriers-needs to move acquire and move freight in a cost effective,  manner, right down to helping shippers and point of delivery persons coordinate better to make sure loads deliver on time and drivers are not sitting at delivery or pickup points for excessive periods of times and in so doing we can reduce late deliveries and help drivers be compliant with "hours of service" and if they have loads to pick up on their return trip back.
  9. Our freight agents specialize to get you the quality and time your needs dictate and deserve.
  10. Iyr agebts are aksi criss traubed to make certain there are no service-delays. 

Stand-Out Reasons to Consider Letting Us Serve Your Company/Project Needs

  • Resolution Focused Service Provision
  • Focused Upon Deliverability's
  • Partnered with one of the top Transportation and Logistics Companies in the Country to get your freight where it needs to be and when it needs to get there
  • Certified and Experienced Service Provision
  • Safety and Profession-Focused Service Profession
  • We treat your freight as though it was our freight from point of pickup to point of delivery
  • All aspects of this team are vetted and authorized per FMCSA/DOT guidelines
  • We can and we will beat any other groups prices/rates providing identical or like services
  • Around the clock monitoring of your freight movement
  • Around the clock availability to carriers and shippers if there are any questions or situations
  • We operate with the important aspects of loyalty, integrity and trust
  • Around the clock monitoring of your freight movement
  • Around the clock availability to carriers and shippers if there are any questions or situations

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What is intermodal logistics?

It is the how freight is moved globally by air, ship, railways and ultimately ground or truck-transport.

What do you mean when you say specialized freight agents, brokers? 

It means that the broker or agent who contacts you specializes in getting your specific shipment delivered for  you whatever that shipment may consist of

What is a TMS-service?

TMS means we use state of state of the art technology to assist/leverage in overall logistics-shipment from point of pickup to point of  delivery, while assisting us in all aspects of administrative support from shippers/carrier packets to verifying or credentials and bonding coverage and so much more.

What does it mean to be a TWIC-Card-Carrier/SCAC Code

When carriers make deliveries or pick up from or not only airports, ships, railroads, or to security-enhanced facilities such as prisons or military and other government facilities, this card ensures the driver has been vetted-or screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to insure that they are safe to enter these premises and are not illegally in the country, or to ascertain if they are terrorist-connected, or have preventative criminal backgrounds or warrants., which may exclude them from being in secured and sensitive areas.

SCAC-Code is a special designation that enhances the company that has this designation so that your security status is greater and the SCAC-Code which also enables the broker and carrier to get government and other high security loads which of course pay more but demand that the security is first rate and the shipper is willing to pay for that kind of freight/logistics-service.

   Our drivers are also screened to make certain they are currently licensed, safe to drive, certified to carry the freight they are offered, such as Hazmat certified, and they are without outstanding warrants or other legal things that could come up and the carrier is pulled over and unable to complete the load delivery because of an arrest or being detained.                                        

Contact us

Contact Us at :  317 471-9493

Simply ask by name or specific (connection code/ext.)  prefix and our fast and friendly Receptionist Team will get right on your call and connect you in moments.  I

01-Administrative Services/Staff & Partnering Development : Daniel  

02-IT and Logistical Support/Box Car/Dry Van- Drohond 

03-Specialized/Containerized Dry Van/Reefer Loads/Flatbeds- Adam Coleman 

04 -Rail yard Loads (Dry Vans -Flatbeds)-Jerry

05--Jeff  IT-Specialist/Web Master/General Freight

06-Administrative Services/General Freight Agent-Marshawn













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